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3D Printed Paddle Shifters Fill Gap in Automotive Aftermarket

Hung Ngo has found a unique way to leverage his passion for technology with his passion for road racing.  With experience in the automotive industry, Hung exposed a gap in the automotive aftermarket that fueled is creativity to discover a solution.  On DCTs (Dual Clutch Transmission), paddle shifters sit behind the steering wheel and allow drivers to easily switch gears without needing to reach down for the clutch, sort of like the gear shift on a bike. They are usually relatively short, so while easy to manage in everyday driving, shifting while going around tight turns in a race can be tricky. Impressed by the strength of Markforged 3D printed parts, Hung created Shift Koncepts and started making paddle shifter extensions for racers.

When Hung first looked for a way to make longer paddle shifters, his options were very limited.  He explored some opportunities, and had even 3D printed a set of paddle shifters out of PLA, but the material was too flimsy and looked cheap – two unacceptable traits for products in the automotive aftermarket. Hung’s paddle shifters needed to be stiff, easy to install and look good if he wanted them on his car.

He found his manufacturing solution when touring a local shop that was using a Markforged 3D printer. Impressed with the quality and the strength, Hung jumped onboard. Starting with a Mark One and later upgrading to a Mark Two, the automotive entrepreneur started Shift Koncepts in January 2016 and built his small business around his paddle shifter extensions. Hung started with no 3D printing or engineering experience and has since expanded his manufacturing bandwidth with an Onyx One – the quality and the reliability of the two Markforged machines ensured successful production for a number of different shifters.

Click here to read more about how Hung started a business with no engineering background and two Markforged printers that now creates paddle shifters extensions for customers all over the world.

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