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3D Systems Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Show your mom how much you love her this Mother’s Day with a unique and one of a kind gift.

Lucky for you, 3D Systems put some thought into “what to get mom” and shared their ideas with us.  Trust me when I say, you probably didn’t even consider these creative concepts.

Give her a gift with meaning

Mom has been with you since the beginning and has witnessed the transformations you have gone through all throughout your life.  What could be more representative of that journey than a stunning, faceted butterfly? Printed in full-color, these decorative wall hangings are the perfect symbol that all your mom’s hard work paid off!

Show her how much she means to you

All moms have super powers right?  I mean, how does one woman do all that she does? So go ahead, turn your mom into a superhero and let her know that you see her in that light. With our 3DMe app, all you need to do is pick the character you want your mom to be and submit a front and side portrait of her to be transformed. On Mother’s Day she can unwrap a keepsake that will last a lifetime that’s sure to always bring a smile to her face.

Or if you haven’t quite leveled up to physical photography, stick to a 2D picture (maybe one from your childhood where you made a giant mess, but after the initial freak out it had to be documented because what adorable mischief!) and print out a fun modern frame.

Give her more to brag about

Your mom loves talking about your, so give her another excuse to with an eye-catching accessory or fashion item like these NOOKA watches or FreshFiber jewelry. Each time someone compliments it, your mom will relish saying “Oh, this?!” and then segueing into the marvelous subject of you. And don’t forget that with 3D printing you can easily customize something for her using one of our apps. She certainly made you to pretty unique specifications!

Nurture her nurturing side

Maybe on Mother’s Day you prefer to spend the day with her and are looking for an activity you’ll both enjoy. Download one, several or all of these vertical garden installments (including planters, a bird feeder and bird bath) and find a special place to set up mom’s sanctuary.

Whatever you do, make sure your mom knows you’re thinking about her on Mother’s Day. And remember: it never hurts to call.

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