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Bringing Art and 3D Printing Together

Are you as fascinated with the evolution of 3D printing as I am?  Think back a couple years when the technology was just starting to get “big”.  The exciting things I was reading about were 3D printed shoes.  Now it seems like ANYTHING can be 3D printed.

I recently read a blog post about the union of experienced artists of varying aesthetic approaches and 3D printing.  Kate Blacklock, from the Rhode Island School of Design, had an idea.  She wanted to exhibit a show of 3D printed ceramic sculptures that would go beyond what was thought possible in ceramic art.  The pieces were technically challenging as well as some of the largest objects to be produced in 3D printed ceramic.

The collaboration was a unique one to say the least.  It allowed 3D Systems to document and define the steps for an artist who wants to use 3D printing to expand their creative possibilities.  The outcome was less than ordinary.

Read the blog post here.

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