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Keeping Naval Ships in Perfect Condition Using Artec 3D Scanning Technology

Maintaining all the naval vessels and submarines of the Dutch Royal Navy, as well as M-class frigates of the Belgian Navy, falls under the responsibility of a Dutch company by the name of Marinebedrijf Koninklijke Marine (MKM). The company also creates new parts for those ships and makes modifications of everything from the hull to weapon systems and engines.  It’s a big job, to say the least, where precision and accuracy are of upmost importance.

In order to do the job as effectively and efficiently as possible, Marinebedrijf Koninklijke Marine uses Artec Eva and Spider 3D scanners (which they bought from Artec’s Dutch Gold Partner in the Benelux 4C Creative CAD CAM Consultants).

“The use of the 3D scan technique is becoming more and more important because all ships of the Navy are coming to us for maintenance on a regular basis,” says Ben Jansen, CNC coordinator at Marinebedrijf Koninklijke Marine. “A lot of times we don’t have drawings or 3D CAD files of the things that need to be repaired or where we need to make new parts for existing systems.”

When they have no 3D data or drawings of the part, MKM takes Artec 3D scanners to create a 3D image of the object, and the scan is used to reverse engineer the object. The part is then replicated using 3D printing techniques, 3-5 axis milling or 3D welding.

“We are now able to work a lot faster and more accurate,” says Ben Jansen. “Because we now have a complete 3D model, we have all the correct dimensions of every object. It results in a far more efficient way of working and it is faster, so we save a lot of money in these projects.”

The team no longer needs to take measurements with rulers and other tools. That approach was time-consuming and did not always yield accurate results. “Also it was common that you forgot to take certain measurements and had to go back to the ship again. This is now all over,” says Ben Jansen.

Marinebedrijf Koninklijke Marine uses the scanners for a wide range of vessels, for instance, the “Green Drake,” which is a boat of the former Queen of Holland. There are hardly any drawings of this boat, and the team can now scan what they have and then make changes to the 3D digital model, such as repair cracks or missing parts, and machine new parts to reinstate the boat in perfect condition.

“By using the 3D scanning techniques, we can work faster and more efficient, and of course we are now able to make parts that we could not make in the past or only through a very long lasting and tedious process,” says Ben Jansen.

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