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Markforged Commits to Be Part of Solution to COVID-19 Crisis

As COVID-19 slowly makes its way, there is an overwhelming push of volunteers and experts to provide the resources and help we all need. Washing hands, maintaining a safe distance away from others, and staying home have all greatly impacted the potentially catastrophic spread of the virus. Most importantly, test kits for COVID-19 is where reassurance lies to get us all back to some sense of normalcy.

Our country is at war with the coronavirus. Markforged is committed to doing everything they can to assist the medical community in the fight against COVID-19. The 3D printer is one of the most powerful and flexible tools an engineer can bring to the fight. With Markforged’s customers and partners combined, they have more than 10,000 globally distributed, cloud-connected industrial printers.

Fiberflex: 3D Printed Nasal Swabs For Covid-19 Testing

Test kits are a crucial step in identifying COVID-19 symptoms and diagnosis in order to help slow down the rate in which it spreads to others. As testing has become more and more common, swabs required to run tests are becoming scarce. In order to help combat this situation, Markforged has teamed up with Neurophotometrics to produce rayon wrapped nasopharyngeal (NP) swabs for COVID-19 testing. These swabs are produced quickly, increasing efficiency and meeting the demand of clinical use.

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Markforged is seeking the highest-impact medical applications to put into production. If you’d like to support this effort or are in need of help, you can sign up here.

Start Making

Markforged customers and partners have printed over 2,500 face shields to date in order to help fight the spread of the pandemic. Be a part of the solution, click here to get started.

To learn more about Markforged’s commitment to help, click here.

The SolidExperts are here for you during these times of uncertainty. Reach out here and an expert would be pleased to help.

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