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Mercuris Uses Innovation to Improve Orthopedic Care with Help from SOLIDWORKS and Additive Manufacturing

New technologies that are both customizable and cost effective are now more achievable than ever thanks to the rise of additive manufacturing.  And Mercuris, an innovative company out of Germany, has taken advantage of this growing industry with clarity and vision.  The team at Mecuris strives every day to break the paradigm of expensive orthopedic prosthetics or orthotics by utilizing 3D printing and SOLIDWORKS.

Mecuris was founded on the mission to provide orthopedists and wearers of orthopedic prosthetics or orthotics with greater flexibility and more options through the power of automated design, digital tailoring, and 3D printing.  Until recently, patients requiring orthopedic prosthetics or orthotics had limited options in terms of sizing, style, and customization – all of which comes at high costs.  Mecuris sought to change all of that.

By digitizing fitting processes, automating design, and utilizing 3D printing, Mecuris is revolutionizing orthopedic technology, providing modern, customizable, and attractive prostheses and orthoses that are CE- and ISO-certified.  Because of design automation and the affordability of 3D printing, the costs associated with these patient-specific prostheses are no higher than those incurred through standard, conventional care.

While Mecuris was starting, it took advantage of the SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs program, which provided the company with licenses to help get it off of the ground.  “I had used SOLIDWORKS design software while working on my master’s thesis on 3D-printed prosthetics and was pleased to be able to use SOLIDWORKS at Mecuris,” says Jannis Breuninger, Head of Product Development. “The SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs licenses helped a lot because they enabled us to take the early work that I had done and accelerate R&D. We’ve since standardized on SOLIDWORKS Premium software to drive design and visualization of our expanding product line.”

To learn more about Mecuris and how it has used SOLIDWORKS Premium, including SOLIDWORKS Visualize, to create its 3D-printing-based orthopedic products business, click here.

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