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Water Pipe Fitness Test

Delivering an average of 2,600m liters of drinking water every day, Thames Water is the UK’s largest water and wastewater provider servicing over 15 million customers.  In many areas of London and the Thames Valley, the cast iron water pipes used to deliver that water are among the oldest in the UK, and many of them are wearing out.

The staff at Thames Water have been working hard to replace the smaller distribution pipes over the past 15 years, but now the larger trunk pipes are of growing concern. A burst in just one of the trunk pipes can leave thousands of customers without water, cause major flooding and disrupt transport routes.

Replacing pipes can be costly and detecting corrosion with cast iron pipes can prove to be very challenging.  This is where Artec 3D technology comes in.  Thames Water needed a special handheld scanner to detect corrosion in larger pipes, so they appraised market offerings and invited various suppliers to demonstrate their equipment.  Patrick Thorn & Co., Thames Water’s local Artec specialist, worked with the company to scan a large pipe section so they could confirm that the Artec Eva™ delivered the essential performance they required. Thames Water concluded the Eva would offer the most cost effective option to meet their requirements.

Click here to read more about how the Artec Eva has helped Thames Water save both time and money as they work to keep water flowing to the millions of customers counting on them every day.

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