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Don’t Lose Your Mind or Your DraftSight Data – Connect to the Cloud

Stop! Collaborate and listen. Raise your hand if you were into Vanilla Ice. Or maybe it was New Kids on the Block. BTS anyone? Enough about rappers and boy bands. But raise your hand if you find yourself wasting time searching for your DraftSight® drawings. Well then, it’s time to connect your data to the cloud. Frankly, if you haven’t connected your DraftSight data to the cloud, you’re missing out.

3DEXPERIENCE® DraftSight has all your favorite 2D drawing features of DraftSight desktop, plus all the good stuff that comes with the cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE platform, including data management and collaboration capabilities you can access from anywhere, on any device.

Here are the top features that foster collaboration, speed up your workflow, and provide some overall benefits to help convince you to connect your DraftSight data to the cloud.

Get a Grip on Your Projects in the Collaborative Space – increase productivity for the whole team from design to market.

Collaborative spaces can be created to enable teams to work on a dedicated project and allow multiple users to work on it and you can also designate your own private space for projects. Creating a collaborative space for a project and allowing the organization’s members and vendors to work on the data in those spaces makes information flow easier among the various stakeholders.

All Aboard (or off) with Admin Control – instantly grant and remove member access to a role or app.

Getting others on board who are new to 3DEXPERIENCE DraftSight is a breeze with our administration control features, such as the Member Control Center. Easily grant members a role or app by searching for their profile on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and simply drag and drop it to their profile and the role is instantly granted.

Connect and Collaborate with Online Communities – get the answers you’re looking for and connect with staff and peers.

Another perk of 3DEXPERIENCE DraftSight is access to online communities right from your dashboard, such as the DraftSight user community and many other public and private communities, where you can ask and answer questions, share models, videos, and connect and learn from others. The product managers, including myself also use these online communities and we try to provide answers as fast as we can.

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