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You Can’t Touch This…LID Dispenser

It’s LID Boss Time: Follow the Product Development Workflow Used to Bring a Touchless Cup Lid Dispenser to Market

It’s human nature: The status quo rules, and what exists outside the status quo is seen as questionable, at best, and crazy, at worst. Back in the day, many people, including those in Parliament, derided Edison’s light bulb as a fairy tale or a sham not even worth consideration.

What?! What?!

The automobile, airplanes, personal computers, and many other inventions now part of daily life were also criticized because of the tyranny of the status quo. This type of criticism still happens today.

A few years ago, the team at the Center for Advanced Design (CAD) were approached with a novel idea: what if they created a touchless cup lid dispenser? Before COVID-19, only real germaphobes cared about other people touching cup lids in restaurants and grocery stores. After the pandemic began, however, people touching something that you might put in your mouth became a global concern.

What was once “a solution for a problem that didn’t exist” became a game-changing product that could help restaurants and stores keep their customers safe and help with sustainability efforts by reducing cup lid waste.

But how do you launch a global product in the middle of a pandemic when everyone is working remotely? With the design, simulation, manufacturing, collaboration, marketing, and release tools found in the 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio.

Dive into a full workflow story and see the challenges and triumphs the CAD team faced when launching LID Boss, their new, game-changing product.

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