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Hollywood + SOLIDWORKS = Movie Magic

Hollywood…the land of magic, movie stars, megahits and…3D CAD software?  Yep.  Attention to detail in design is just as important for designers working in the digital world as it is for designers building physical products.

SOLIDWORKS is best known for its ease of use and the way it allows designers to focus on design instead of software.  Which was important when SOLIDWORKS was used to design Batman’s car, the spaceship in the movie Passengers, and even the most recent Transformers movie.

Back in February at SOLIDWORKS World 2018, Joe Hiura and Robert Andrew Johnson, art directors and set designers from the film industry, spoke about how they used SOLIDWORKS to design movie sets for films such as Oblivion, Passengers, Tron Legacy, and Batman V Superman. Robert said that movies are very collaborative in nature, with many parts that must come together to make the final product, which requires them to be fast and agile to meet the short deadlines. SOLIDWORKS is what enables them to meet this challenge. They shared how they utilize SOLIDWORKS to create magic on the silver screen.

One of the biggest advantages Robert and Joe spoke about was the ability to manufacture and machine these massive Hollywood sets directly from their SOLIDWORKS CAD file. This competitive advantage allows them to prototype their designs much faster than using other CAD modelling tools, while paying attention to all those little design details.

Recently, Joe started using SOLIDWORKS Visualize to create photo-quality images and animations of his Hollywood creations, before committing tens of thousands of dollars to physical prototyping. This helps Joe speed up approvals of his designs from the art directors and producers of these well-known movies. In fact, this image of the Batmobile was one of his first images he created in SOLIDWORKS Visualize. Joe said he’s blown away by how fast he’s able to create this content and can’t wait to use Visualize to bring his designs to life for the next blockbuster movie.

Click here to read more and see more amazing images of their work.  Isn’t it awesome how being able to focus on design instead of software enabled them to imagine these models? You too can bring your imagination to life using SOLIDWORKS products. Click here to start your SOLIDWORKS CAD trial.

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