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Olympian by Day…SOLIDWORKS Designer by Night

The Winter Olympics are right around the corner (opening ceremony is Sunday, February 9th!) and one of my favorite parts of watching is learning the back stories of the various athletes.  How they got involved in their sport, what motivates them, and what they do when they aren’t training for the Olympics.

Allow me to introduce you to Summer Olympian, Twan van Gendt, a Dutch racing cyclist who represents the Netherlands in BMX Racing. He was selected to represent the Netherlands at the 2012 Summer Games in London where he placed 5th in the Men’s BMX final. In June 2015, he competed in the inaugural European Games, representing the Netherlands in Men’s BMX cycling where he earned a silver medal.   Van Gendt is now preparing for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, which is will be his last.

The successful athlete was just four when he first got the BMX bug and soon thereafter could commonly be found dirt jumping and racing around BMX tracks. However, another interest of his from an early age was designing, which originally started with Legos and grew bigger later when he put his burgeoning design skills to use restoring old boats as a hobby. While studying Industrial Design in school, van Gendt got his exposure to SOLIDWORKS.

When his athletic career is over, Twan has set his sights on becoming a designer and entrepreneur. Click here to learn more about Twan through a fascinating Q & A session and learn more about his connection to SOLIDWORKS. And don’t miss the video link at the end of the Q & A to hear more from Twan van Gendt in his own words.

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