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3D Printing for Space Engineers

A good video game draws its players in, so why not allow players to reverse roles and pull digital elements into the physical world? Why not was precisely the question asked by video game developer Keen Software House, in collaboration with BinaryNow, regarding their popular space sandbox game, Space Engineers. The way they saw it, there was no reason the game needed to end on screen, so they turned to the 3D printing shop FORGE and 3D Systems’ ProJet 4500 for assistance.

Space Engineers is a game that allows aspiring intergalactic designers to build and tweak all sizes of spaceships and space stations, customize pilot ships, and perform asteroid mining. The company’s new service, Space Engineers Prints, enhances the game by allowing players to order and own full-color plastic 3D models of the spaceships they’ve designed in the game. It’s a cool way to interact with their creations and transform the formerly flat world into one of dimension.

All 3D printing is done on the ProJet 4500, on location at FORGE in Jacksonville, FL. This machine churns out brilliantly colored, highly detailed plastic models that are great for display and the occasional out-of-game play.

Check out the video below to see how Keen Software House, BinaryNow and FORGE are letting Space Engineers gamers experience their creations in true 3D.

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