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Artec 3D Announces Collaboration with National Police of Ukraine

Artec 3D has announced a collaboration with the Human Rights Conduct Department of the National Police of Ukraine.

Using their position as a global leader in the 3D scanning industry, Artec is ready to provide high-end solutions that would facilitate forensic documentation of evidence of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide committed throughout the territory of Ukraine.

There are many ways Artec 3D technology can be used in war zones. For example, 3D scanning solutions are instrumental for war crime evidence documentation, craniofacial identification, and documenting human remains as well as damage to homes, vehicles, and infrastructure. While the Ukrainian Army, Territorial Defense Forces, and civil authorities are currently working on cleaning up affected cities, potential evidence of war crimes is quickly becoming contaminated, destroyed, and lost forever. It is essential to capture this data as quickly and accurately as possible.


Artec possesses a unique technology that accomplishes this task most efficiently, and the company has certified partners worldwide. The Artec Leo 3D scanner is the only scanner in the industry that can scan evidence and entire crime scenes extremely quickly and easily, both indoors and outdoors. Leo can be used by any person, even someone without any previous scanning experience.

Being wireless and portable, in a matter of seconds to mere minutes, Artec Leo can capture evidence and complete crime scenes in 3D, and forensic experts can then analyze the data in lifelike color 3D immediately afterwards. The captured data can be securely uploaded to Cloud storage, where it can be safely accessed and processed by investigators, as well as authorized agencies and criminal courts anywhere in the world.

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