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Don’t Wait, Get Tested – SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

Enter the Overheating Zone

Cross over to a new dimension of thermal management

Imagine sitting on your couch enjoying a night of binge-watching. You’re ready to dive into the finale of your newest TV obsession when suddenly your screen goes blank. You’re no longer entering a world of entertainment; you’ve crossed over to the nightmarish dimension of bad design.

Electronics rule our lives from dusk ’til dawn. However, we only seem to realize this fact when our smart devices fail. From sudden shutdowns to outright combustion, overheating is a common cause of product failure. Luckily, SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation is the common cure for electronics overheating.

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation uses computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to predict airflow, temperature, and heat transfer in components, boards, even complete products—effectively preventing overheating scenarios from occurring.

WATCH THE VIDEO to enter the dark world of overheating electronics, then learn how you can perform complete thermal analyses while quickly and easily testing changes during design… and before any physical prototypes are built.

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