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Improve Design Efficiency Through Collaboration

Whether you are a smaller company in a single location or a multisite international firm, your design teams must stay on the same page, including managers and executives. Connecting and working together as a single product development entity naturally increases design efficiency. With the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, connecting SOLIDWORKS® content with everyone on the team is just a few clicks away. All the platform applications needed for improving design efficiencies are directly available within the SOLIDWORKS environment.

Secure Design Approvals Faster

Now you can conduct real-time design reviews, accessible to everyone on the team, even when people are working from home or on the road. Everyone with a device and an internet connection can be included in the design review meeting. Plus, no CAD knowledge or CAD software is required to participate in the review. That means managers or executives can be brought into early-stage design reviews when making changes is less painful and time-consuming.

Because any team member can view, rotate, markup, and measure your model, manager or executive signoffs are accelerated since they can see—and better understand—the full 3D version of the product for themselves.

Design efficiencies also increase by getting real-time design for manufacturing advice from the shop floor or manufacturing vendors, avoiding potentially expensive downstream manufacturing issues. Making 3D available to everyone is like sharing a common language; everyone can fully understand it, eliminating the need for non-engineers to interpret (or attempt to imagine) what a 2D drawing is trying to communicate.

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