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Strategic Steps to More Efficient Machine Design

For many industrial equipment manufacturers, superior engineering is the secret weapon to winning market share. Companies that empower their engineers to exceed customer expectations for quality and price, while maintaining lead-time commitments, find themselves at a competitive advantage.

As designs become more complex, engineering decisions become more challenging. Unfortunately, engineers waste a significant amount of their time on non-value-added work and can struggle to find the time to identify conflicts and fully evaluate essential engineering decisions affecting quality and cost. Cost overruns and missed delivery dates are often the result.

Tech-Clarity is an independent research firm that analyzes how companies improve design, engineering, manufacturing, and more. A Tech-Clarity research study based on the responses of 228 manufacturers examines machine design practices, how engineers waste time, and best practices to avoid non-value-added work. This study reveals strategies to more efficient design, including:

  • Accessing product data from anywhere
  • Improving collaboration
  • Automating machine design tasks

Let’s take a closer look at just a few of the ways top-performing companies optimize design efficiency to speed time to market. Or, feel free to download the complete Tech-Clarity eBook How to Reduce Non-Value-Added Work in Machine Design.

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