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Bridge the Gap Between Your Design and Manufacturing Processes

Bridge the Gap Between Your Design and Manufacturing Processes

Lower costs. Improve quality. Accelerate your time to market.

Integrating your design and manufacturing might just be the smartest decision you can make when it comes to streamlining your workflow. In Integrating Design-to-Manufacturing Solutions, the latest eBook series from SOLIDWORKS (all chapters listed below), you’ll learn more about the advantages to be gained by using better tools to integrate your teams and processes.

Download chapter 1 to discover how an integrated approach helps you to:

  • Get design and manufacturing teams working concurrently and communicating seamlessly
  • Reduce errors that can occur when designs are passed from one phase to the next
  • Identify potential manufacturing issues earlier in the design phase
  • Focus on design innovation and spend less time on design iteration

Bring Your Design and Build Processes Closer Together

Great products start with great design, but even the most innovative ideas will fail if they can’t be manufactured efficiently. What’s required is a set of tools that enable design and manufacturing teams to work concurrently—so that potential manufacturability issues can be identified and resolved earlier in the process. Check out Chapter 2 of our new Integrated Design-to-Manufacturing Solutions eBook series, and learn more about the benefits of a connected platform of design tools to streamline the handoff to manufacturing.

Download chapter 2 to discover how the complete SOLIDWORKS® 3D design solution allows you to:

  • Collaborate and share data between suppliers and customers
  • Simplify 2D drawings for production-ready drawings
  • Accelerate release to manufacturing with model-based definition
  • Embed electrical components into your products

Validation Has Never Been So Simple

A truly great design is innovative, meets customer needs, and can be manufactured. This last step is often overlooked by many design teams. Download the next chapter of the Integrated Design-to-Manufacturing Solutions eBook series to learn how SOLIDWORKS® solutions help ensure your manufacturing team has everything it needs to produce your designs right, the first time–every time.

Download chapter 3 to discover how to:

  • Catch problems and identify hidden cost drivers
  • Remove guesswork from the injection molding process
  • Make better design decisions that will lower production costs
  • Avoid assembly problems that lead to rework
  • Improve quality by enforcing standards

Concurrent Engineering and Manufacturing

Better interaction between the design and manufacturing aspects of product development can bring greater efficiency to your process and spur innovation. This is no easy feat to achieve. In the latest chapter of the Integrating Design-to-Manufacturing eBook, we outline how SOLIDWORKS® tools can help.

Download chapter 4 of the series to discover how to :

  • Overcome manufacturing knowledge gaps
  • Avoid common mistakes in plastic part and mold design
  • Ensure the manufacturability of sheet metal parts
  • Boost profitability with better insight into cost drivers
  • Take full advantage of 3D printing

Turn Your Design Data into Engaging Content

Whether looking for initial approval for your concept, or creating final sales, marketing, and customer service content, you’ll want to present your ideas and products in the best way possible. With the associativity in SOLIDWORKS®solutions, you can create shop-floor and customer-facing content throughout the whole design process. Check out the final chapter of the Integrated Design-to-Manufacturing Solutions eBook series, to learn more about creating detailed and exciting content to sell and support your products.

Download chapter 5 to discover how to:

  • Generate impressive and eye-catching visuals
  • Build demand before you launch
  • Elevate your materials for sales meetings
  • Develop impressive support materials


If you have any questions about SOLIDWORKS 2018, contact us, we are happy to talk about which solutions best fit you and your company’s needs.

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