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DriveWorks 14 Has Been Released!

Customers with an active DriveWorks Subscription can download DriveWorks 14 from the DriveWorks Community.  The DriveWorks Operations Team have sent out the new DriveWorks 14 license certificates for customers to our Order Management team. Start using DriveWorks 14 now!

What’s New in DriveWorks 14?

DriveWorks has packed a lot of brilliant new features into DriveWorks 14, most of which were created as a result of customer requests so they caused a huge amount of excitement at DriveWorks World. Below are just a few of the many new features added:

  • Enhanced Output Documents
    • The introduction of HTML emails and filtering as well as new proposal documents and more enable greater customization, faster set up and better user experience.
  • Next Level Design Automation
    • Generation tasks, ReplaceFile, Model Insight and more give users better control over SOLIDWORKS outputs, better capture feedback and enhanced diagnostics and PDM integration.
  • DriveWorks 3D Enhancements
    • A standalone 3D viewer, transparent appearances and improvements to 3D preview allows for even better appearances, seamless images and the ability to view DriveWorks 3D on all devices for free.

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