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How Old McDonald’s Farm Has Gone High Tech

While raising livestock has been going on for hundreds of year, it’s current methods of production would knock the socks of Old Farmer McDonald.  The industry has ploughed its own tech-heavy future, sowing the seeds for the next generation of farmers. Animal care takes its cue from that, and quite literally reaches beyond our own atmosphere.

But how you might ask?  Well, the answer lies in every smartphone and most vehicles: GPS.  A multi-use tool that assists industries as diverse as logistics, construction and catering, the satellite positioning service has benefited many a modern business. No huge surprise then that it’s impacted greatly one of humanity’s oldest: livestock farming.

While some people would tell you to never work with animals, for others it’s their entire livelihood. There’s no debate that farming can be a tough and grueling industry. To ease that challenging working environment, the industry has embraced modern technology to assist in the upkeep of their stock.  GPS tracking has enveloped stock management. For larger farms across the globe with vast stretches of land and large quantities of livestock, farmers have invested in stock management software to track their produce.

These livestock management programs track animals from birth through to their purchase, providing those who trade in animals with data crucial to their well-being. That’s financial analysis, metrics, performance and, yes, location tracking.  For farms with field-loads of produce, that’s invaluable data to assist in producing healthy, happy and profitable livestock. Operating a business that deals with hundreds – and sometimes thousands – of animals requires constant accessible information on every aspect of their status. GPS helps farmers track the herding habits of their livestock. They can use this information to tailor their landscapes, feeding patterns and habitat to the animals’ betterment.

For example, nutrition…Keeping livestock supplied with healthy, nutritious feed is essential. Using data management software such as Ranch Manager, farmers can now calculate all the variables of the process to gauge its success. That takes into account detailed feeding plans, amount of food consumed, animal weight, health and ultimately, profit from sale.  In addition, the software can take care of alerting the farmer to inoculations, due dates and breeding programs. Plus it can locate in seconds an animal that’s gone astray and wandered into neighboring fields. That’s indispensable in preventing the spread of disease.

Farming has changed irrevocably over the past generation. Livestock management is a digital answer to potential risks, reducing the likelihood of failure and future-proofing next year’s yield. It offers up a wealth of data, often available at the simple touch of a smartphone. It’s a huge shift from the traditional to the information age; a gear change that feeds into the working practices and planning of the farmer’s annual schedule – and what’s good news for farmers is good news for the worldwide communities that they support.

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