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Important Update for SOLIDWORKS Customers on Subscription

NEW Serial Number for the included SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard 2017


SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard is included with each SOLIDWORKS CAD Professional and Premium licenses on active Subscription!

For Visualize Standard 2017 and beyond, an additional serial number is required to activate the complimentary seat of Visualize Standard.

  • From October 19th, 2016, and once you have upgraded to SOLIDWORKS 2017, this new additional serial number for eligible users can be found by logging into the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal and clicking “My Products.” Once you have copied this new Visualize Standard serial number, launch ‘Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features,’ select SOLIDWORKS Visualize, and click ‘Change’ at the top. Paste this new serial number in the Serial Number screen, for the SOLIDWORKS Visualize product.
  • Using your SOLIDWORKS CAD Professional or Premium serial number will no longer activate a complimentary seat of SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard 2017 and beyond.
  • During this serial number transition, there will be a week of downtime without access to your complimentary seat of SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard. This downtime is projected from October 10th, 2016 through October 18th, 2016. To avoid any downtime, delay your upgrade to SOLIDWORKS 2017 products until October 19th, 2016.
  • If you have given this complimentary seat of Visualize Standard to someone else in your company, please send them the new serial number and these instructions so they can continue to access Visualize Standard.

***And for those of you who didn’t even know you already received Visualize Standard complimentary, go to your SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal and click any of the ‘Download Visualize’ links to get started. This complimentary seat of Visualize Standard can be given to anyone in your company, and does not tie up a seat of SOLIDWORKS CAD!***

If you have any questions, please contact your local SOLIDWORKS Reseller.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I use my SOLIDWORKS CAD serial number to license the complimentary seat of Visualize Standard 2017?

A: No, all eligible customers will automatically receive a dedicated Visualize Standard serial number to license their complimentary seat.

Q: Does this also affect customers who purchased Visualize Standard outright?

A: No, this only affects the eligible SOLIDWORKS CAD Professional & Premium users on active Subscription who receive the complimentary seat of Visualize Standard.

Q: Does this change also affect these eligible Visualize Standard users who stay on SOLIDWORKS CAD 2016 and Visualize 2016 versions?

A: No, this only affects eligible users who upgrade to SOLIDWORKS CAD 2017 and Visualize 2017 products. It is recommended for users to upgrade SOLIDWORKS CAD and Visualize at the same time, to avoid any import limitations between differing major releases.

Q: Do Visualize 2017 products support SNL (floating) offerings?

A: Yes, all Visualize 2017 and beyond products support SNL (floating) offerings. Existing SOLIDWORKS SNL customers do not need to pay for another network server fee for Visualize SNL offerings. They can use their existing SOLIDWORKS SNL for these network Visualize licenses.

Q: Are there any changes to how the Visualize 2017 products are installed, compared to Visualize 2016 products?

A: Yes, all Visualize 2017 products and beyond are now part of the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager. This means all Visualize 2017 products are trialed, downloaded, installed and licensed in the exact same way as SOLIDWORKS CAD products. Visualize 2017 products and beyond also support offline activations.

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