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June 23rd is National Women in Engineering Day 2016

SOLIDWORKS Women in Engineering

About the Program

The SOLIDWORKS Women in Engineering Program (WIE) was created to help recognize the outstanding achievements that women are accomplishing day to day in the engineering field and community around the world!

Learn more about the program here.

Who Should I Nominate

The WIE Program will recognize 12 exceptional women throughout the year (1 per month) who demonstrate leadership, innovative accomplishments, and outstanding contributions to the engineering field and/or community.

  • A female candidate that works in the engineering and technology community
  • Must be 21 years of age or older by the date of nomination
  • Does not necessarily need to hold an engineering degree or have CAD experience

Selection Process

  • Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis
  • The recipient will be chosen by the 22nd day of each respective month, and recognized by the 15th of the following month on the SOLIDWORKS blog site
  • The woman to honor will be selected based on her demonstrated (a) leadership, (b) innovative accomplishments, and (c) contribution to the engineering community

Check out this video of Marie Planchard, SW Director of Education, talk about the program at SWW 2015.


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