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Monster Truckin’ with Magic Wheelchair & SOLIDWORKS

A while back, the SOLIDWORKS team was introduced to the Magic Wheelchair organization and immediately knew they had found their new design-make project.  Magic Wheelchair builds epic costumes for kiddos in wheelchairs at no cost to families.  SOLIDWORKS is now a proud sponsor of the Magic Wheelchair organization, providing SOLIDWORKS software to volunteer design teams.

More About Magic Wheelchair

Ryan Weimer and Lana Weimer started as parents wanting to make their sons smile at least one day a year (on Halloween) when they parade down the street and are noticed for the awesome people they are (not the wheelchairs they are in). Now, they have started the Magic Wheelchair organization to help build costumes for as many kids in wheelchairs as possible. In 2017, Christine Getman, Development Director for Magic Wheelchair, learned about an interesting job description to help a small organization with fundraising.  She wasn’t looking for work but couldn’t stop thinking about it.  When she applied, she received a response from Ryan Weimer, whom she had met about 10 years earlier at the Muscular Dystrophy Summer Camp.  They had a unique connection because Ryan’s children and Christine have the exact same diagnosis, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, type 2.

How the SOLIDWORKS Community Can Help

Magic Wheelchair is working on matching builders with as many kiddos from their wait-list as possible and developing event partnerships (comic cons, haunt cons, etc).  This year they’ve recruited the best artists from the industry to design a fleet of Star Wars themed Magic Wheelchair costumes for the San Diego Comic Con, which will undoubtedly be the biggest project and event, yet!  You can be a part of the action by building with them!  Check out

Meet Jonah, the Monster Jam(m)er

The R&D department at SOLIDWORKS was matched with Jonah, a wheelchair-bound eleven-year-old who is whip-smart, super funny, articulate and LOVES monster trucks and attending Monster Jam with his family.  Jonah’s absolute favorite monster truck is Max-D (full name Maximum Destruction) and when he found out he was going to have a costume designed around his chair, Max-D was at the top of his list.

Since their meeting with Jonah, members of the R&D department at SOLIDWORKS have been pouring over monster truck designs. Wheel size, chassis proportion, lights, water proofing, the whole she-bang, R&D is studying and considering everything. Jonah and SOLIDWORKS are taking on the exciting challenge of gifting him with the most incredible costume they can bring to life.

Click here to read more about Jonah’s monster truck design and the progress that the team at SOLIDWORKS has made so far.

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