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The Best Hardware for your CAD Applications – 2019 Recommendations

There are a lot of hardware options out there to choose from whether you are purchasing a new machine or just updating an existing one.  Which unfortunately makes choosing the RIGHT hardware a tough job.  Luckily, the SOLIDWORKS technical support team puts systems to the test daily. Because of this, they have to make sure the hardware is secure, efficient and up to the job. Through this experience and in-house expertise, they have learned a lot about the right hardware choice for any particular application.

Designing a large assembly, simulating a complex scenario or rendering a photo-realistic image all have varying demands. Watch the video here to learn what considerations you will need to make, whether that is graphics cards, hard-drives, processors or RAM.  And visit The SolidExperts website for more information on SOLIDWORKS workstations.  For more from our technical team, hop over to the SOLIDWORKS Technical blog.

If you have specific questions for your company’s needs, click here to get expert help from The SolidExperts.

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