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What’s on the Horizon – Unveiling the SOLIDWORKS Path to the Future of Design

Choosing the right digital tools is becoming a critical aspect of business strategy for today’s companies. When those tools are the ones you entrust with creating your company’s new products, the lifeblood of product development organizations, choosing the right ones becomes vitally important. There are so many factors to take into consideration when choosing software vendors to partner with; one of the most important factors is the financial strength of that company.

Customers and users of SOLIDWORKS are becoming increasingly sophisticated and demanding unique experiences from products, and the choices are virtually limitless. Therefore, this thought process has required SOLIDWORKS to constantly think ahead and anticipate trends to make sure they are always investing in the right ways that enable them to provide all of their users with the best solutions, right when they need them. Because of this, SOLIDWORKS is simultaneously investing across three strategic horizons:

  1. Continued Investment in their Core Technology (CAD, PDM, & Simulation)
  2. Expansion into Adjacent Areas
  3. Anticipating the Future

Check out the full blog post written by Gian Paolo Bassi, CEO of Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS, to learn more about his thoughts and ideas on SOLIDWORKS Future of Design.

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