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High-speed PCB Design: Ten Fundamental Rules to Follow

Barry Onley has created his own iCD tool suite and is also a contributor for PCB007.  Nine Dot Connects represents Onley’s tool because his tool was designed using his knowledge and experience in high-speed PCB design.

Recently, Onley compiled several of his articles into a digital flip book and made it available to download for free.  Once you read the flip book and understand the depth of Onley’s knowledge base, consider a further look into his iCD design tools.

Download and read “The Ten Fundamental Rules of High-Speed PCB Design” Flip Book here.

And one last thought…while it’s true that other tools might also have the same capabilities, please consider these questions:

  • How robust is that tool?
  • Who wrote the software?
  • Did the software writer(s) understand what they wrote or were they simply copying equations from a book?
  • Can the company that provides such functionality in their tool suite support it?

No matter how good the tool is, it is usually going to be someone outside of the software department who will provide customer support.  However, tools of this nature require more than a cursory knowledge of the tool itself.

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