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Develop and Manufacture Innovative Mechatronic Products

As a manufacturer of mechatronic products and systems, your organization faces mounting pressures to develop innovative products with integrated electronic, electrical, motion control system, and mechanical components quickly and cost-effectively. Meeting this goal is generally compromised by the use of traditional, non-integrated tools with separate development workflows.

Using the SOLIDWORKS integrated product development ecosystem to develop mechatronic products and systems will provide a wide range of benefits. It allows you to:

  • Merge disjointed workflows into a single, concurrent, and collaborative approach
  • Tighten revision controls and create workflow parameters to eliminate errors related to file transfers and data conversions
  • Avoid costly overruns by unifying supplier management
  • Enable greater detection of design errors early in the development process
  • Create a more collaborative environment between design disciplines to foster new ways of thinking and spark innovation

Read the whitepaper to learn how the SOLIDWORKS integrated 3D electro-mechanical design, engineering, and manufacturing platform allows you to achieve your goals, and secure a real competitive advantage.

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