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Breakthroughs in Functional Orthotics

People who suffer from neuromuscular disorders due to stroke or other conditions are often challenged to perform daily tasks, like opening doors or lifting laundry baskets. MIT spinout, Myomo, helps to return functionality to those patients with a custom fabricated orthosis.

Myomo used SOLIDWORKS solutions from the very beginning to design every aspect of the device, collaborate with business partners, and fulfill regulatory requirements for medical devices. The design solution has allowed them to:

  • Quickly get up to speed, due to its users’ exposure at school
  • Share accurate versions of what the device will look like
  • Create parts regardless of the material, from sheet metal to plastic
  • Simulate part interaction and weight issues
  • Connect with a rich community of SOLIDWORKS users to find answers to design challenges

WATCH THE VIDEO to see how Myomo relies on SOLIDWORKS to bring a custom medical device to market.

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