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What’s New 2017: PDF Task Automation in SOLIDWORKS PDM

It’s that time again! Over the next few weeks, our Territory Technical Managers will be sharing their thoughts and walking us through a closer look at some of their favorite new features in SOLIDWORKS 2017. Make sure you join us at one of our SOLIDWORKS 2017 Launch Events to learn more about SOLIDWORKS 2017!

PDF Task Automation in SOLIDWORKS PDM – In 2017, we introduce the ability to automate the creation of .pdfs for Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and the .dwg/.dxf formats. The task can be tied directly to a workflow state change so that the deliverable are generated at just the right point in time, every time. The .pdfs can be stored anywhere you like, and are available for preview in the new expanded preview tab.

Join us at one of our Launch Events to learn more!

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