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Boost Productivity by Integrating 3D Mechanical and Electrical

The productivity gains related to using 3D CAD technology for mechanical design are now obtainable for electrical design through integration of electrical and mechanical development on a single 3D platform.  Instead of relying on slow, non-integrated 2D tools to develop electrical schematics, control panel designs, and electrical system layouts, or manual techniques for routing wires, cables, and harnesses, manufacturers can take advantage of SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D technology to fully integrate the electrical and mechanical aspects of machine and product design. This results in time and cost savings, as well as quality improvements. Whether you need to create schematics, design electrical systems, select electrical components, automate wire and cable routing and harness design, or simply share electrical and mechanical design data, this paper will help you understand how integrating electrical and mechanical design with SOLIDWORKS Electrical software solutions will help you achieve your product development goals.

Read the whitepaper to learn how SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D technology can help you beat the competition to market, reduce development costs, improve quality and increase innovation.


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