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How Will Your 2018 Calendar Benefit YOU?

It’s here…2018!  2017 is in the books and filed away – the good, the bad, the fun & the sad.  While we can all learn from whatever last year taught us, there is something refreshing and clean about starting a new year.  And, I bet that for most of you, there is a brand new calendar, planner, or organizer somewhere on your desk that is waiting to be filled with important dates, meetings, work trips, etc.

Much of your work calendar will be filled with appointments that you don’t have total control over…team meetings organized by your boss, company-wide functions (attendance MANDATORY!), and work trips that definitely won’t feel like a vacation.  But what about the appointments that YOU set?  That will benefit YOU and your career?  I would argue that these are just as important.

If your career goals this year include a promotion of some kind, a new title, and/or increased compensation…what appointments can you set to help achieve these goals?  Research shows that becoming more efficient at your current job is a great start to accomplishing these goals. Increase your efficiency and knowledge, get noticed by your superiors, and get rewarded.

So what appointments can YOU set that will make you better at your current job?  Well if you use SOLIDWORKS, then taking advantage of an array of SOLIDWORKS training options is the answer!

If you are interested in increasing your efficiency this year, sharpening your SOLIDWORKS skills, and increasing your productivity, be sure to check out our upcoming training courses.  All courses are led by our industry-experienced instructors who will teach you how to leverage SOLIDWORKS technology to your everyday advantage and help you shrink that learning curve.  Ultimately making YOU better at your job.

And YOU have control over your calendar…The SolidExperts offers tons of classes throughout this year from SOLIDWORKS Essentials to Simulation Professional courses.  Training courses take place throughout Florida in Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, and Tampa.

Don’t see a specific course for your location? Feel free to contact us and we can see if we can set something up or find the best solution to fit your needs (and your planner).

Here’s to a new year and a new calendar filled with appointments that matter to YOU!

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