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MySolidWorks Training: Learn more about SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM

MySolidWorks Training allows you to learn about SOLIDWORKS features and functionalities on your own schedule, at your own pace and from the convenience of your desktop or mobile device. After creating a MySolidWorks account, more than 10 hours of MySolidWorks Training sessions are at your fingertips. Even better, if you’re a user with active SOLIDWORKS Subscription Services, you will have access to 100+ hours of training sessions anytime at no additional cost.

Learn the basics of SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM

Right now, Subscription users can dive into new SOLIDWORKS 2015 Enterprise PDM (EPDM) training. These recently released training modules include:

SOLIDWORKS EPDM Overview: Get the basics on SOLIDWORKS EPDM data management and functionality, powered by Microsoft SQL Server. In this seven-minute session you will learn how to:

  • Log into a vault
  • View files found in the vault
  • Check in and out a SOLIDWORKS part file
  • Modify a part
  • Log out of the vault

You can find this training module online here:

SOLIDWORKS EPDM Creating and Checking in Documents: Learn how to create new files in a vault while working in SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD. In this eight-minute session you will learn how to:

  • Drag existing files into a vault
  • Create a new file directly in a vault

You can find this session online at

Once you’ve mastered these SOLIDWORKS EPDM skills, be sure to check out the other 17 SOLIDWORKS EPDM training sessions available online at MySolidWorks Training.

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