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SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids!

“SolidWorks Apps for Kids is something that we all hoped that we had when we were growing up.”
– Chin-Loo Lama, Senior UX Design Engineer at SOLIDWORKS

Were you with me in Dallas when the announcement was made?  That SOLIDWORKS has created six apps for kids!  This is a game changer for the future of our children.  Growing up, the only “modeling app” we had was a box of legos.  Now young kids can dream it, design it, and build it.

Altogether there are six apps:

solidworks-app-for-kids-01-capture-itCapture ideas and start a design story using pictures, video, or sound. Create inspiration boards, canvases and collages using any device. Kids can even use their smartphone to add content!



solidworks-app-for-kids-02-shape-itShape ideas into 3D creations of any form. Anything a child can imagine, they can create with this intuitive and easy-to-use modeling tool.




solidworks-app-for-kids-03-style-itStyle the Shape It creations with color, stickers, backgrounds and more. Everyone loves painting, so we even made it possible to paint right onto the model!




solidworks-app-for-kids-04-mech-itMechanisms are made fun with touch-friendly, snap together shapes that work like they are actually real. Make things move or draw amazing spiral art… who knew mechanisms could be so exciting!



solidworks-app-for-kids-05-show-itShow off any creation made in SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids and tell a story using fun interactive slide shows.




solidworks-app-for-kids-06-print-itPrint a creation in 2D, 3D or one of the fun project-based formats and make the creations come to life.

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