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SOLIDWORKS Support Monthly News – February 2015

Hello to all,

Welcome to this new edition of the SOLIDWORKS Support Monthly News, coauthored by members of the SOLIDWORKS Technical Support teams worldwide.


At the time I am writing this, the conference is still rocking in Phoenix, Arizona. 5500 passionate participants eager to learn, network, and have fun. Among them is your SOLIDWORKS Technical Support team. Well, we’re not really here to learn. We’ll network if our various booth assignments, duties, meetings, and presentations don’t eat up all of our time. But we will make sure to have fun doing all that.

As we were busy preparing for SOLIDWORKS World, on Sunday, we shared the Phoenix Convention Center with cheerleaders gathered for the Aloha International Spirit Championship. That made up for some very odd and funny encounters in the in the hallways.

Cheerleader competition at Phoenix Convention Center

As the conference rolled on, the SOLIDWORKS Technical Support team shared knowledge, best practices, tips, and tricks with users during numerous breakout sessions. These are where we tickle your brain, challenge you and present new ways to solve problems and make the best possible use of SOLIDWORKS. In the picture below, Bill Dziedzic, SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation expert, is presenting a hands-on breakout session for beginners, introducing them to Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

Bill Dziedzic presenting SWW 2015 (2)

As usual, we also maintained a continuous presence at the Technical Support booth in the DASSAULT SYSTEMES section of the Partner Pavilion, with specialists in each and every area (CAD, Simulation, PDM, Electrical, etc.) to engage with customers who stop by to share a drink (of soda, clearly) with our teammates.

SOLIDWORKS Booth at SWW 2015

Although SOLIDWORKS World is not the time and place to actually solve technical issues (that is what our teammates who stayed in the office were doing), we did everything we could to answer questions on the fly. And when that was not possible, we relied on our pals back in the office who put in a tremendous effort to maintain our usual highest level of support quality even with a skeleton crew. Kudos to them!

Spotlight on Features: Sheet Metal and Gauge table rules (Part I)

In the November blog we looked at the sheet metal bend and gauge table parameters.
This month will be concentrating on some these sheet metal and gauge tables rules. When working with sheet metal tables it is important to understand their working rules.
[Read the full article]

Noteworthy Solutions from the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base

  • How do I install SOLIDWORKS® eDrawings® for Mac®?
    • Please refer to the PDF file “eDrawings for Mac Installation Instructions.pdf” for instructions (English only) attached to Solution Id: S-067755.
  • When I connect to Enterprise PDM Web2, why do I get error “503 Service is not available”?
    • The root of the problem is the identity mismatch after updating the Windows password for the user who registers the Application pool within IIS.
      To resolve this problem, follow the steps in Solution Id: S-067740.
  • What does the warning “Failed to get copy of file example.sldasm. The latest version of the file is not available on your local archive server. All attempts to download the file from remote servers failed.” in the File Version Upgrade Tool log file mean?
    • This error message found in the Enterprise PDM FVUT log file can mean that the get operation of a file version has failed.  The target file cannot be found on the archive server that the upgrade client is attached to. If you are upgrading files in a replicated environment, the error is most likely pointing to a failed replication of the file and therefore this file is not upgraded.
      From Solution Id: S-067855


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