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The Future is Now – New VR Mode in eDrawings Desktop Pro 2019

Good news for all those engineers wishing they could just “jump” into their CAD model and explore every detail of it in 3D and in real time – your wishes have come true!

Enter eDrawings Desktop Professional 2019 with a new BETA feature for Direct Virtual Reality (VR). As you already know, eDrawings is the viewer for all SOLIDWORKS content. Viewing your native SOLIDWORKS files in a new virtual reality mode within eDrawings Desktop Pro couldn’t be easier.

Available in eDrawings, Desktop Professional 2019 SP1 and beyond is a new “Open in VR” command from the File menu for instant viewing of your SOLIDWORKS files in Virtual Reality! You can choose your floor and sky from preset selections to customize your immersive VR experience and match your model’s natural environment. Teleport around your model, pick and place objects, grab parts and take a closer look—you can even explode your entire SOLIDWORKS assembly with the touch of a button! (Please note Microsoft Windows® 10 and later support the Direct Virtual Reality (VR) mode.)

Since this direct VR mode is a Beta feature still under serious development, we’ve “hidden” the VR features behind an Environment Variable. (Feel free to contact The SolidExperts if you have trouble “unhiding” this feature.)

This exciting new feature is currently marked as BETA functionality. Why? We want to collect your feedback, ideas for features and workflows so we can improve this direct VR experience for future releases. To submit your ideas, please follow the typical Enhancement Request process outlined here. Make sure to choose “eDrawings” from the “Area” field as depicted below:




Now onto the virtual reality hardware. Support for HTC Vive and HTC Vive Pro will be first, with other VR headsets planned throughout future releases. HTC’s VIVE Pro is an easy-to-deploy, scalable VR system that delivers the highest visual fidelity, clearest audio and greatest immersion for professional users.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for our new Direct VR support for eDrawings Pro. Features like measuring, dynamic section views, improved graphics and more will be added in future releases. Please make sure to submit Enhancement Requests via the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal to help improve your VR experiences with eDrawings.

Don’t have eDrawings yet? No worries! You can download eDrawings Viewer for free right here. You can also try eDrawings Professional, which includes the new direct Virtual Reality mode, for 30 days during the first installation of eDrawings Viewer. So get out there and start exploring the possibilities!

If you have any additional questions, please click here to ask an expert at The SolidExperts who will be happy to help!


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