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Engineer the Perfect Pint from Farm to Glass

Think back to when you were enjoying your last beer. As that first taste hit your lips, the engineering complexities required to create that moment of satisfaction were probably the farthest thing from your mind.

However, today’s growing brewing industry, and your beer enjoyment, rely on engineers and designers using SOLIDWORKS. Whether you prefer pilsners, IPAs, stouts or saisons, it takes a village of smart people in multiple industries using design technology to guide your favorite beer on its journey from the farm to your glass.

You have probably seen a lot of buzz about how SOLIDWORKS and brewing your favorite beer are connected; and SOLIDWORKS has come up with some awesome videos and articles to articulate how the two are intertwined. From agriculture, brewing, packaging, transportation and consumer products industries all the way to designing and manufacturing the equipment necessary to make the beer supply chain flow, SOLIDWORKS is there for every step!

The very first step begins with planting seeds for the best beer. You can’t do this without great agricultural equipment design. But, farming machinery can be extremely elaborate, consisting of thousands of assemblies.

Whether it’s harvesting equipment to produce the largest yield or manufacturing solutions that decrease farming costs, the best engineers use SOLIDWORKS to create agricultural advancements that bring this age-old industry into the 21st century and beyond.

Explore more on the farming aspect of brewing your favorite beer.

Next up is Brewing Process and Equipment or “where the magic happens”; successful brewing relies on using the proper processes and equipment. You can work with the best ingredients in the world, but if you’re machinery breaks down or operations fail, even the finest barley and hops won’t make a difference. Designing the machinery behind your favorite beer is no small feat. Some of the most renowned organizations in brewing, from massive brewhouse manufacturers to connected homebrewing devices, use SOLIDWORKS to build revolutionary brewing equipment.

Explore more to learn how brewers are using SOLIDWORKS to fuel the craft beer boom.

After the wonderful, tasty, enjoyable, amazing (how many adjectives can I use to describe beer!) beer is made, it’s time to start packaging and bottling!

Click here to explore more about how packaging machine manufacturers – like Fogg Filler, Schubert Packaging and Thiele Technologies – develop, test and document their industrial equipment designs using SOLIDWORKS technology.

Now onto one of the most crucial steps in the process …transporting the beer to a place where you can get your hands on it! I don’t care how the tasty beverages get to me, either by riding the rails or loaded up on a truck, but thankfully, engineering comes into play and ensures the precious cargo is delivered to you (and me) without delay.

Check out how transportation designers and engineers are using SOLIDWORKS to make the brewing supply chain flow faster than ever before.

And finally, now that the beer is available to the consumer, let’s raise a glass to great product design…and a tasty beverage! While end users might be the last stop for your products, the best designs keep consumers in mind from their inception. Every successful step in your product’s lifecycle, from concept to manufacturing, will be for naught if your users’ needs are not satisfied. Click here to learn more!

Hope you enjoyed taking a look at the entire beer process, from Farm to Glass! I don’t know about you all, but I’m suddenly pretty thirsty so I think I’m going to take the afternoon off and head to the pub on the corner!

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