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Coffee & CAM Series…Check Out the New Videos

Good News!  The Coffee & CAM series is back with new videos…this time the guys are showing us the 3D scanning of an engine block for upcoming design and manufacturing workflows.  Pretty cool stuff.

Need a quick refresh on the series?  Coffee & CAM is a new video series hosted by SOLIDWORKS that aims to answer your burning manufacturing questions. As more and more people enter world of manufacturing, SOLIDWORKS wanted to provide a place where people can go to see how others approach manufacturing in a real-world environment.

The goal of the video series is to work through different processes from idea to reality in an informal setting. As more projects and process are gathered, they will be added to the playlists. The first episodes cover building clutch mounts, hydraulic reservoirs and a custom shifter for a six-speed swap.  You can start watching those here.

Click here to check out the 3D scanning of the engine block.

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