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Easily Take Your Products to the Next Level

Every company needs to continuously bring new products to market, while maintaining its reputation. Longtime SOLIDWORKS® customer PiezoMotor is no different. Its next generation of micro motors takes the technology where it hasn’t been before—sub-nanometer positioning and high force in a small package.

With SOLIDWORKS design-to-manufacturing tools, PiezoMotor was able to easily develop concepts, test ideas, and quickly move to manufacturing. See how SOLIDWORKS helped the company:

  • Create CAD models and quickly move to prototypes
  • Reliably validate the structural integrity of the motors
  • Keep track of revisions throughout the process and to manufacturing
  • Miniaturize the motors, while retaining the precision of the Piezo LEGS® ceramic actuators

WATCH THE VIDEO to see how PiezoMotor relies on SOLIDWORKS for all of its product design needs.

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