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Less Clicks and More Tips and Tricks in SOLIDWORKS Browser-based Roles

Less Clicks and More Tips and Tricks in SOLIDWORKS Browser-based Roles

The first update of the year for SOLIDWORKS® browser-based design roles, including 3D Creator, 3D Sculptor, 3D SheetMetal Creator, 3D Structure Creator, 3D Mold Creator, and Manufacturing Definition Creator has just been announced. Enhancements include roll and slide curved mates, improved cage point alignment for subdivision (Sub-D) and parting line draft. See what’s new in the R2023x FD01 release and start being more productive today!

User Experience

NEW – Select a Bookmark When Creating a New Component – get better organized right from the start. You can now select a bookmark directly from the New Component dialog window. In addition, you can access existing bookmarks if you’d like to add the new component to one.

NEW – Right-click to Access the Okay/Cancel Command – stay focused on your design avoiding unnecessary mouse travel. It’s as simple as it sounds. Just right click on a component to launch the Okay/Cancel command and quickly make your selection to accept a command or decline it. For instance, if you hit Okay, it will accept the change and modify your model accordingly or if you hit Cancel it will not accept the change and keep the model as is.


Drag and Drop Components into the Replace Component Window – save steps and easily move data between widgets. Just as the title says, you can now drag and drop components into the Replace Component window from any app you have open at the time, such as the Bookmark Editor.

Copy and Paste Components Across Assemblies – add components faster. Quickly add components from any assembly by copying and pasting them from the Design Manager into your active assembly.

Parametric Design

NEW – Roll and Slide Curve Option for Mates – visualize movement of your model in a more realistic way.

It’s important when building an assembly for all the mates to align and behave as they would in the physical world. With the new Roll and Slide option, you can select a circular edge in a curve to have it automatically follow and mate to the curve of the model.

This really helps you define components of your assembly and see how the motion will impact the model and how it’s going to move in the physical world.

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