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SOLIDWORKS 2024 and the SOLIDWORKS Enhancement Ideas Community

The SOLIDWORKS Enhancement Ideas Community provides SOLIDWORKS users with the ability to submit and vote for their enhancement ideas for SOLIDWORKS products. The community is moderated by the SOLIDWORKS Product Definition team and is an element of their annual research. The goal of this research is to understand which enhancements to SOLIDWORKS products are most important to our users.

These ideas will provide guidance for future developments in SOLIDWORKS. You can see a majority of the ideas from former SOLIDWORKS World Top Ten lists implemented now in the SOLIDWORKS product.

Also, if you missed SOLIDWORKS CEO Manish Kumar’s blog post on what he’s most excited about in terms of new enhancements to SOLIDWORKS 2024, you can read it here.

To demonstrate the impact of submitting an Enhancement Idea, let us take a look back and review a small subset of the many enhancements that are new in SOLIDWORKS 2024. Each of these enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2024 were originally submitted as enhancement ideas to the SOLIDWORKS Enhancement Ideas Community.

We have provided a list of just a few of the enhancements below. Learn more by clicking on each enhancement to see a quick video demonstrating the new SOLIDWORKS 2024 functionality:

A few of the customer-requested enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2024 include:

  1.        Improved Show/Hide for Sketches and Features
  2.        Bidirectional Linear Patterns
  3.        Use Sketches to Locate Hole Wizard Holes
  4.        Fix or Float First Component
  5.        View Component Description in Insert Component Command
  6.        Reattach Dangling Dimensions in DimXpert in MBD
  7.        Sheetmetal Dimples using Sketches 
    Sheetmetal dimples using sketches.
  8.       Assign Component References
  9.       Double Click to Apply Material
  10.       Dual Dimensions for Geometric Tolerances
  11.       Display Units in Custom Properties
Display units in custom properties.

What this demonstrates is the impact that you have as a user to guide the future direction of SOLIDWORKS products through the SOLIDWORKS Enhancement Ideas Community. We would like to thank everyone for participating in the SOLIDWORKS Enhancement Ideas Community by submitting so many great ideas.

Have an idea on how SOLIDWORKS can be improved to better meet your needs? Submit your enhancement idea today to the SOLIDWORK Enhancement Ideas Community.

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