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SOLIDWORKS and The Ex Zone Prove an Explosive Combination

Explosions: great if you’re watching a James Bond film, potentially lethal everywhere else. As such, industries who work with the potential for detonation need scientific assurance that the companies supplying their equipment are up to the task.  Specialist manufacturing company, The Ex Zone, design and build an extensive range of explosion-proof hazardous area equipment to a worldwide client base. That’s a heavy responsibility that requires pin-sharp engineering accuracy.

All hazardous control systems are different so every company’s needs vary. A customer base that stretches across the planet means serving business in Europe, the United States, the Far East and everywhere in between. With no universal world standard, laws vary from country to continent. As such, The Ex Zone needed the flexibility to adapt and alter their core designs with ease and minimal fuss. Step forward SOLIDWORKS.

Thanks to SOLIDWORKS, The Ex Zone is able to cater to each customers’ needs, saving time and money, and helping The Ex Zone speed up its marketing strategy and gain lead time over rival companies.  To learn more about the many ways that The Ex Zone and SOLIDWORKS make for an explosive combination, (in the very best sense of the word!) click here.

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