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Webinar Alert! Getting Started with DriveWorks Solo

I wanted to inform you all of a webinar you cannot miss!  On June 15th, our friends at DriveWorks are hosting a one hour webinar that will save you countless hours in the future, by showing you how to set up their Design Automation product for SOLIDWORKS, DriveWorks Solo.

This webinar, a step by step guide to get you started with DriveWorks Solo, will go through all of the quick and easy steps involved in order to automate your design process.

You’ll start with a basic SOLIDWORKS model and learn how to:

  • Capture the parameters you want to control
  • Create an inviting and intelligent form to configure your products
  • Build rules to link the values entered on your form with the models in the background so you can generate your new designs
  • You will pick up tips and tricks from a Certified DriveWorks Solo Applications Engineer and see examples of each lesson.

Questions?  No problem.  This is a LIVE webcast so all of your questions will be answered throughout the event!

Register now and see just how easy DriveWorks Solo is to use:

Don’t forget you can also download DriveWorks Solo for free for 30 days. Find out more here:

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